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  Russian Hill Penthouse

  I designed the planting for this garden in 2003. It is a total renovation of an existing garden which had become overgrown. The challenge of this garden is to provide color year around with flowers which hold their blossoms high above the foliage. It is also important to maintain the views of the city from within the residence.

Over the years through trial and error I have learned which plants thrive in this windy cliff-like setting. Some of the most delicate flowers have impressive holding power. I use poppies for their wide palette of color and their long bloom season. Bulbs; Narcissus, Freesia, Ixia, Sparaxis, Watsonia, and Ranunculus have all proven themselves in this garden. Along the western side of the building I have planted pink carpet roses underplanted with Armeria, Freesia and Nemesia. The north side is in shade nearly the entire year. To set off the planting I used Coleonema ‘Sunset’, Ceanothus ‘Centennial’, Erica, Libertia, Rubus, and Erigeron. All these plants hold quite well despite the ferocious wind, cold dampness and little sun.
The garden requires regular maintenance but only annual refresh plantings twice a year. Poppies in the winter and Nemesia in the summer

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