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  Presidio Backyard Rooftop and Stairwell

  For this client I collaborated with Pam Palmer of Artecho Landscape Architecture. She is responsible for the design of the roof and the stairwell spaces. The backyard was an inherited design. I consulted on plant choices, did the installation and presently maintain the garden spaces.

The client has a catering business and is very involved with local food and farms. The client requested that as much of the garden be edible as possible. With that in mind, I planted a garden that produces food for the house and also viewable from the windows of the residence. During the summer we grow tomatoes, beans, apples, leafy greens, and fresh herbs. For winter we grow peas, cabbage, artichoke, greens, and cabbage. There is also a blueberry hedge along the western side of the garden which has been in for one year, but is growing well.

When gardening with the objective of production, two things to consider: the amount of labor involved in growing the produce and the other is consuming everything grown in the garden. I’m in this garden once a week and the client finds many ways to eat everything the garden produces.
Pam Palmer conceived the greenscreen application of the stairwell. The clients pass through this space many times a day to coming and going from the house. The greenscreen covers all the pipes and electrical which was previously viewable. I planted the greenscreen with Tillandsia, Ferns and Encyclia orchids. Custom containers were designed for under the greenscreen and this is planted with vines to cover the screen.

The rooftop is completely the design work of Pam Palmer. I chose plants that would achieve the effect that was desired and then survive the exposure. The roof is very windy and foggy on summer afternoons, otherwise the roof is blistering hot and the plants need to be able to withstand both extreme conditions. We used Citrus, Italian Cypress ‘Tiny Towers’, Jasmine, Boxwood, and Dwarf Mondo Grass.

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