S.F. Decorator Showcase 2010
Green Hill Tower
Russian Hill Penthouse
Minna Street Design Showroom
Presidio Backyard Rooftop and Stairwell
Seasonal + Holiday Decor
  Green Hill Tower

  This project was a collaboration with a landscape architect. I had been working on different terraces in the building and was recommended by the homeowner’s association. I was responsible for the choice of plant material based on my experience with the site. My choice of olives and fescue was an attempt to soften the linear qualities of the design, also fescue and olives are forgiving of the wind and look better windswept. I use a variety of fescue species to create a dynamic planting. It is a simple clean design with very little in terms of maintenance.

For the interior of the parking area I decided on a chartreuse palette because of the dark rich color that had been chosen for the walls. It was an opportunity to brighten what may have been a very dark interior. The cypresses ‘Swain’s Gold’ create a vertical columnar feeling with bright green ivy and clivia planted underneath.

Simplicity and cleanliness were the priorities with this design. The parking area and front of the building experience a lot of foot traffic and are viewed constantly. Therefore the spaces need to look as tidy as possible with the least amount of effort.

site design: