Neo American Gardens offers a comprehensive range of services to suit your lifestyle. Contact our office to discuss your requirements.


Garden Design and Maintenance

Maintenance is not an after-thought service for Neo-American Gardens. Rather, we prefer to maintain the gardens we install, and because of this long-term commitment to service, we are able ensure the long-term health and viability of all new garden installations.

In addition, Neo-American Gardens is pleased to maintain gardens after installation by other landscape architects/designers. Gardens are an ongoing situation, one that never remains static. A garden needs to be cared for to keep it’s vision growing in the direction that the designer created. When possible we will collaborate with the designer to keep the original design maintained and intact

    Holiday Decor + Floral Arrangements

Our main seasonal decorating is the winter holidays. We create custom garlands and wreaths, lights on the home exterior, seasonal planting schemes, interior decor and lighting of the tree. Those tasks of holiday decorating which can be labor intensive or precarious are a pleasure for us to install. Any theme is possible. We have done autumnal decor, easter, spring fiesta, in addition to the traditional christmas.

We offer floral design as another aspect of Neo-American Gardens. Whether you want one special arrangement or need twenty bouquets for a party. We have the capability and experience to take care of all floral design situations.
    Garden + Home Staging

Staging a garden for a home sale is as important as the interior. We have years of experience working with home stagers creating exteriors which appeal to most everyone. Creating a garden which pleases many is a more difficult challenge than a garden that is designed for an individual with personal tastes.

Also, a staged garden needs to look attractive for a longer period of time with the least amount of maintenance. We will create a garden that will enhance the appearance and value of your home.
    Orchids + Interior Plants

We have 12 years experience choosing, installing, and maintaining houseplants and orchids. Plants are a key element in creating a beautiful interior. We have all the skills and equipment needed to achieve a beautiful interior plant arrangement. No matter what the natural light may be, we will choose a plant that will be perfect for the situation.

We also help acquire and maintain orchid collections for a number of private clients. We have access to larger collections for that special orchid. We find and display orchids with a high level of artistic vision. Each arrangement is unique and created specially for the client.

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